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Novell and Ximian Jeremy Allison (of Samba fame) has resigned from Novell in protest over the Microsoft-Novell patent agreement, which he calls 'a mistake' which will be 'damaging to Novell's success in the future'. His main issue with the deal, though, is "that even if it does not violate the letter of the licence, it violates the intent of the GPL licence the Samba code is released under, which is to treat all recipients of the code equally." He leaves the company at the end of this month.
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This sounds more like a lame excuse to leave the company than the fact that its Microsoft. He had a job offer first before he quit the current one otherwise he'd still be with Novell. I find it funny how he didn't quit when this agreement was first mentioned and hit the press.

Well, he did speak very soon, and he said he'll wait for the time when he'll actually knew what this agreement was about.

A lot of guys at Novell don't know what this deal is about (at least when I talked to them, they didn't know what to say), this was the deal made by upper management, not work class.

btw. Guys like JA always have few offers, hell... even I do. If I'd quit my business now I can start tomorrow in a company of my choice (there's at least five permanent proposals I know about). One call and here is new employment for me. I guess JA has at least me*10

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