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Geek stuff, sci-fi... Half of our readers are away in this holiday season, so traffic and news items are considerably down comparatively to normal weekdays. Why don't we have some Holiday Fun (TM) with a poll? Our friends at Slashdot put a poll up asking about your favorite sci-fi TV series, but they forgot two very important entries as their readers mentioned quickly afterwards: the most famous TV series of the '90s "The X-Files", and the already cult classic "Firefly". So we thought we recreate the same poll, but with these options in play, just so we see what our (mostly geek) readership likes the most. Even if we only have ~1/10 of Slashdot's traffic we can still have some fun with it!
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So Hard
by arbour42 on Fri 29th Dec 2006 23:37 UTC
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What a tough list. I got caught up in Stargate when it moved to Sci-fi and the way they keep developing new storylines is great. I knew I'd love Firefly because of Buffy and Angel, and Whedon exceeded both of those excellent series - I got 3 of my friends hooked on Mal and the crew.

But for some reason i keep thinking Babylon 5 is my favorite. Just great great dialogue (especially between G'Kar and Londo), brilliant plots, real tragedy, and how JMS wrote every show for about 3 seasons straight.

All these shows are great, and Season 3 of Galactica is making a major push for classic status.

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