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Apple At the MacWorld conference in San Francisco, After the usual words of praise about the iPod+iTunes and the smoothness of the transition to Intel, Apple announced several new products. Surprisingly, nothing was said about new Macs or Leopard. The keynote speech started at 17:00 GMT. Read on for the details.
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RE: Tech Specs
by Wes Felter on Tue 9th Jan 2007 20:17 UTC in reply to "Tech Specs"
Wes Felter
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I really want to know how they make a handheld device with that resolution have those animations. Are they running a graphics chipset with OpenGL?

It's gotta be. I would guess an OMAP 3 or the latest XScale+Intel graphics.

Also how could they get OSX on an embedded device, linux and windows and had years of optomization to achieve it. My guess is that they had to put a lot of ram and processing power, that's why it's so expensive.

Steve said they've been working on it for two years.

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RE[2]: Tech Specs
by lopisaur on Tue 9th Jan 2007 20:34 in reply to "RE: Tech Specs"
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My real question would be, what CPU is this thing running on? If it's an XScale, that would mean they have been developing OS X for ARM (sorry, I'm old fashioned) for two years without anyone knowing about it. I know they did it for x86.
Then you could have some sort of Intel x86, but that's no good for battery life.
And then you have... PowerPC! This would be the most logical option for me, but aren't we all supposed to believe Apple dropped PPC?

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RE[3]: Tech Specs
by Wes Felter on Tue 9th Jan 2007 20:46 in reply to "RE[2]: Tech Specs"
Wes Felter Member since:

I don't think there is any currently available PowerPC that is suitable for cell phones (there was the 405LP, but that was years ago). It's gotta be ARM IMO.

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