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Apple Apple today announced the long awaited iPhone, a device that I predicted about years 1.5 ago that it would happen (I won't forget how a fellow editor from a Mac site emailed me to say that I am crazy after reading my blog back then). But the iPhone is real, and it's public information now. So based on the little we know about the device so far, let's see how it stacks up against its smartphone competition.
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html email
by pepa on Wed 10th Jan 2007 09:14 UTC
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How is html email a "very strong plus" on any device??

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RE: html email
by Gryzor on Wed 10th Jan 2007 10:39 in reply to "html email"
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How is html email a "very strong plus" on any device??

You know, I use text only mail most of the time, but I find it annoying when people complains about email being HTML. Guys, update your computers... HTML email properly formated contributes to readability and gives you the ability to do a lot of things. Command Line Geeks can really "go to hell" with this "pine/mutt" thing. There's a huge difference between a properly formated HTML/Rich email and a p(l)ain text only email. If you don't like fancy fonts, use HTML with Courier New/Monospace or whatever font suits you best. But please...

Of course then you can find people writting emails with Comic Sans MS in size 20 with purple color... but that's just another story.

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