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BeOS & Derivatives Vasper has breathed life into his BeOS Max project. "Well, as you might have seen on BeOS News sites, I have posted info on the site on an upcoming version of BeOS Max. It will be Version 4 to be exact. So to answer the major question. Why? Although Zeta is being developed, Magnussoft is not doing its best to keep it alive. I find it quite annoying that I have to return the product I purchased from Yellowtab, to get an upgrade. This for me is a show stopper. I don't want to wait in line at a post office, to send a package back to a company whose products I order from the Internet."
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RE: About Zeta and my decision
by Jack Burton on Tue 16th Jan 2007 10:13 UTC in reply to "About Zeta and my decision"
Jack Burton
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"First let me say that I love Zeta the OS. I have helped debug it and it has come a long way. However Magnussoft... I don't like. Main reason is their policy to not trust YellowTab clients.

Do you realize that Magnussoft, being a different company, doesn't have access to the YellowTab clients database, right ? How are they supposed to "trust" YellowTab clients if they don't know WHO they are in the first place ?

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vasper Member since:

You mean the only way is to return the original CD? So why do they also ask to email them the receipt and the registration codes? Those two things should be enough to trust the clients.

Sorry, this logic doesn't stand.

On the other hand, nobody HAS to agree with my reasons... only me :-)

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