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SkyOS Lots of news on SkyOS. Kaffe using GNU Classpath (without AWT) is now working fine on SkyOS, just like Wine. Although there is no Wine graphics driver yet, you can already start Windows console applications directly from within SkyOS (once a Wine/SkyGI backend is available Wine should run on SkyOS as good as it does on Linux, and will be available via Software Store). On the driver side there is now an ACPI driver including support for ACPI power/sleep buttons (a SkyOS service, the PowerMonitor, will react on power events with configurable actions like shutdown, reboot, etc.). And finally, the SkyOS LiveCD is shaping together and should soon be available. Take a look at the changelog for all updates. Note: If you have problems accessing the website, please click read more for how to solve this issue. Other than that, read more for a first glimpse of yet another improvement coming to SkyOS.
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Sorry, but this is a bit deceptive
by sirhomer on Tue 16th Jan 2007 18:49 UTC
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Java may be ported, but it is without AWT. Without AWT, you can't run anything Java-wise that has a GUI. Also, the JIT doesn't work so even console Java programs are very slow.

Wine also, can not run any GUI apps. Only console ones.

Also none of these features have been released to beta testers, so how well they work is speculation.

I will say that SkyOS is indeed not worth the money yet. It's so far like a buggy version of Windows 95 with less features, and since it runs in debug mode, is very slow. Use your $30 elsewere. Like giving a donation to the Debian Foundation.

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SkyOS is released to Alpha testers more frequently than to Beta Testers, it's for quality control of the features that are being added.

As far as I know, the only thing holding back something like Java from working with the current Beta is the threading fixes Robert made to the OS.

You really can't expect it all to work from the get go (JIT, AWT, etc..) it will come just not all at once. It's a monemental step forward and gives SkyOS a bright future for those who love to program in Java.

SkyOS does *not* run in Debug Mode, the only issue is it requires a little bit more ram because it's lacks writing to a pagefile/swap partition. That's something that will again, be fixed with time.

$30 ensures you this beta, the next beta, and all the way until the Final release.

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