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Morphos Last July OSNews hosted the first version of the article "MorphOS - The Lightning OS" by Fulvio Peruggi as an entry to the OS Contest. The article has now been updated and extended, making it an even better introduction to the MorphOS operating system for a reader who does not know anything about MorphOS, and can be found here. Italian, German, Russian, Spanish and French translations are available as well.
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Brian Leair
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Other than purchasing used hardware (ebay, etc.) there doesn't appear to be any current hardware that you can purchase to run MorphOS.
The article mentions this
This is a system-on-a-chip freescale 400Mhz turnkey motherboard, but details are scarce about what it actually has and what driver support MorphOS provides.

What exactly does this OS do better than the alternatives? Is the biggest feature of MorphOS its API similarity to what AmigaDOS 3.0 was like? Is the primary appeal of MorphOs its ability to run "legacy amiga programs". Out of curiosity, does MorphOS run Cygnus ED or dpaint (deluxe paint)?

It's lacking 3D driver support, networking, or SMB. At 400Mhz this platform is not going to be useful for any sort of video decompression (no h.264 high profile or vc-1). So beyond running old amiga programs in the ABox, what do users do with MorphOS? Perhaps maybe, there features in the OS for supporting low latency multichannel audio, as the article mentions "near real time"?

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Video 3D support was added just a few months ago for ATI 92xx cards. I'm not sure about other cards.

TCP/IP exists as a free add-on. It isn't included on the MorphOS 1.4 CD image. It will be integrated into the 1.5 release which should be very soon. It does run CygnusED and Dpaint although I've heard several people claim that Dpaint IV has problems.

It also runs AmigaOS4 programs so it's been a nice system to move forward with since no one but A1 users can actually run OS4.

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