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Amiga & AROS Genesi has 'announced' it is going to release AmigaOS4 for their EFIKA motherboard as soon as the next release of MorphOS is released. "We have clearly indicated in this thread, we don't need Hyperion's support to port OS4 to the EFIKA - legally or technically." True to the Amiga scene of the last few years, a discussion spanning 300 posts ensued. My take: I actually advocated 'porting' AmigaOS4 to Genesi hardware last year, but I do hope it all happens within the boundaries of the law and that the developers get what they deserve. Update: The latest post asks an interesting question.
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RE[2]: It's not about Amiga...
by ironfist on Fri 26th Jan 2007 08:33 UTC in reply to "RE: It's not about Amiga..."
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Bill's and Raquel's (BBRV) communications skills
are just fine, I can promise you that.
Why would they have such close relationship with
Freescale if they couldn't sell themselves?

There is a big reason why they discuss these things
in public and that is because they want to have the
in the loop, in pretty much everything.

Some deals are of course private, but major issues
against Amiga Inc they chose to make public just so
the Community will know what is going on. I don't know
how much you have followed the Amiga Community the past
five years, but I can tell you that the things that have
upset people the most is the lack of communication skills
and total silence from the companies forming the
Community's future. The companies that have been silent
are the Holy Trio; Amiga Inc, Eyetech and Hyperion.

Genesi chose a more open path because of these reasons.
Like I stated in my earlier post here; they don't care
about the operating system - they love the Community!

There is no bad blood between Genesi and Amiga (Community).
There may be bad blood between Genesi and Amiga Inc
but that is a whole different matter. It all comes
down to legal issues and the way Amiga Inc is run.
Amiga Inc today is pretty much nothing more than a
filing cabinet in some Venture Capitalist's office.
They are holding all the rights and patents to Amiga.
They don't accept any more hardware licenses for
Next-Gen Amiga just so they can maintain maximum
and the raise the value of the assets
so the Venture Capitalists can get as much money as
possible for the whole cabinet.

As the Inquirer suggests Bill and Raquel are one
of the few companies who has any chance to bring back
the Amiga.

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You're absolutely right that the companies that own the Amiga assets have some of the worst communication/management abilities in the industry. However, remembering back to the forum posts I read a couple of years ago, Bill and Raquel showed public disdain not only for these companies, but also for anyone that still believed in the Amiga OS and chose to trust it in Hyperion's hands (bbrv and many of their Genesi/MorphOS followers basically called everyone on AmigaWorld "freaks").

Apparently, those freaks were right to believe in Hyperion, because Hyperion are the ones that have brought us to this point. And now Bill and Raquel make out as if the years of insulting those on-hangers never happened.

If it were up to me, I'd say "everyone forget the past, move forward and all live happily ever after". It's really too bad that so much tension still exists, and I wish it didn't. But I can't say I don't understand why.

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RE[3]: It's not about Amiga...
by billt on Fri 26th Jan 2007 21:03 in reply to "RE[2]: It's not about Amiga..."
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Bill's and Raquel's (BBRV) communications skills
are just fine, I can promise you that.
There is no bad blood between Genesi and Amiga (Community).

Have you not read the thread or other ones they start or participate in? Every one of their threads quickly becomes a flamewar... Their methods may work with other groups, but the community has a hair-trigger which gets set off every time Genesi say anything. After so many years of that, you'd hope that one would try to adjust their approach to compensate for the sensitive audience. Either that or you'd think they'd give up on such a disagreeable segment of the "community", because we've proven to not be constructive toward their goals.

I'm as guilty of being part of hair-trigger response as anyone else. But I haven't found myself improving in that respect either, so maybe it isn't so easy to adjust for the situation or audience as it is to say, but I also do not claim that I have good communication skills.

I share concerns that Amiga Inc. isn't doing much to help its own userbase. I worry that they are hurting the platform more than anyone else, but I also worry that Genesi's licensing tactics are comparable to tossing gasoline into an roaring bonfire. Amiga started the fire and let it burn out of control, but Genesi may have picked up the wrong bottle when they reached for the water on this...

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