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General Development The Yarra engine was designed to be a cross platform C++ gaming engine, using OpenGL for 3D graphics and OpenAL for positional sound. Unlike existing engines, Yarra was primarily designed to allow dynamic adding of programmable objects to a scene graph with handlers to control game flow. This design doesn't suite a majority of software out there, but works great for games. But the article isn't about Yarra, it's about the developers personal experiences working with Windows, MacOSX and BeOS. The article discusses the pro's and con's of each environment, and give sa very subjective opinion about the merits of each.
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What's news here?
by pfortuny on Sun 28th Jan 2007 10:57 UTC
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I don't get it.

What's the meaning of the word "slow" when applied to Mac OS X in a dual core Mac Book Pro? I've heard differently elsewhere.

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RE: What's news here?
by chrish on Mon 29th Jan 2007 15:27 in reply to "What's news here?"
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I'm not entirely sure what he meant there; maybe the UI feels slower to him? XP feels slow to me, mostly because the Explorer is so horrible at displaying directory contents when you've got more than, say, 100 files in a directory (I've got an insane app that spews tens of thousands of files into one directory... the whole machine stops when I try to open it).

OS X is fast enough on my iBook G4 (1GHz); it only starts to get "slow" when I start loading up too many things and RAM gets tight. Compiling in XCode is fast, the UI is responsive, etc.

Compiling C++ code with gcc is ridiculously slow, regardless of platform; I'm not sure which version of gcc is being used on the Be side these days, but the 4.x line on OS X crawls with C++. MS's compiler is extremely fast by comparison, even with C++ code.

So, uh, your mileage may vary, but I find OS X "fast" (even on old hardware), XP "clunky", and BeOS "dead".

Upgrading to OS X machines at my house instead of Vista. I haven't booted BeOS in years and years. :-P

- chrish

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RE[2]: What's news here?
by Nutela on Mon 29th Jan 2007 19:56 in reply to "RE: What's news here?"
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You know what's funny? If you consider BeOS dead, why is that not one of the other OS's has caught up? I mean, OS X might have gimmicks, XP what has XP... hmm gosh I don't know :-) but if you don't count apps, BeOS is still the most thought-out OS IMO.

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