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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Some bad blood between Linus Torvalds and GNOME developers is flaring up again. Previously, Torvalds has said that Linux users should switch to KDE instead of GNOME because of the GNOME team's 'users are idiots' mentality. Now he has 'put his money where his mouth is' by submitting patches to GNOME in order to have it behave as he likes. This week, on the Linux Foundation's (formerly OSDL) Desktop Architects mailing list, the two sides are going mano a mano." Can I interest you in a pair of these and these?
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RE[2]: As a Power User...
by kmarius on Sat 17th Feb 2007 22:33 UTC in reply to "RE: As a Power User..."
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I miss the Mime Type Editor too, but face it, if we go trough any medium sized city at lunch time and ask every grown up person you meet what MIME Type is, you would most likely find that you would have that knowledge in less than ten percent of the people you meet. So I would say removal was justified.

You underestimate the users. Most users are very good at ignoring stuff they don't understand or don't need. In the VCR-days, I bet only 10% used the clock. That doesn't mean that the clock should be removed.

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RE[3]: As a Power User...
by molnarcs on Sun 18th Feb 2007 00:16 in reply to "RE[2]: As a Power User..."
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You underestimate the users. Most users are very good at ignoring stuff they don't understand or don't need

Exactly - I don't know where this ridiculous idea of the poor confused user who can't accomplish a task because there is an extra button on the toolbar he or she doesn't understand comes from.

Back in the win98 days, I've seen users adding that freaking floating MS office toolbar to the desktop, and putting buttons on it. The same buttons that were on the desktop as well as in the Start menu. I never ever received any complaint because they were there. Apparently, someone was used to it because that's how his neighbour installed office for him, so he enabled it on some of the computers in our library. I kept removing the cruft - not because anyone complained, but because they were hogging system resources. Noone was confused, people just ignored it as long as they could find those icons at the usual places.

This has been my experience with using unix desktops as well. People sit down at my computer to check their mails, and sometimes they don't even notice that they are using konqueror instead of IE, even though it opens gmail in html format. They just go on doing what they intended to do: check their mails, without paying too much attention to my "open terminal here" button on the extra toolbar I have on the right side of my konqueror window. And yet, these self proclaimed "usability experts" will go on saying that the average user will be confused and terrified if there are more ways of doing things on your desktop, or God forbid, there are some extra buttons on a toolbar.

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