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Windows Microsoft is keen to stir up enthusiasm for Windows Vista, but when it comes to the 64-bit edition of the recently released operating system, the software giant is sending decidedly mixed messages. Vista is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, with the latter targeted at owners of recent computers with 64-bit processors. However, customers who purchase the retail version of Vista Home Basic, Home Premium or Business don't have the option of buying the 64-bit version directly. It also seems Microsoft will toughen its anti-piracy policies.
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No 64 bit yet? Sensible enough.
by eivind on Tue 20th Feb 2007 11:19 UTC
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After all, who uses 64 bit today?

* Power users?
They will get their versions from MSDN/MSDN-AA, or use Ultimate, anyway.

* Companies?
They can download Vista anyway.

* Newbies with > 4 GB RAM?
These are the only ones left out for now. There's still too few of them.

How much more litter would an additional DVD create? Thanks, Microsoft, for saving the environment ;)

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SReilly Member since:

Well put, I never thought of it that way :-)

I think you could probably squeeze both versions onto a DVD9 (DL 8.5 GB) but the rest of your post is so true.

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cyclops Member since:

People who want to take advantage of their 64bit processors!?

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eivind Member since:

Take advantage of your CPU, you say? There's almost no speed gain, and you run into compatibility issues. Not to mention that several games won't work.

Right now the disadvantages seem to exceed the advantages unless you have more than 3/4 GB of RAM. Actually, as I see it, being able to utilize beyond 3/4 GB of physical RAM is the main benefit of using a 64 bit version of Windows.

(Edit: Typo)

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Maners Member since:

"After all, who uses 64 bit today?"

Linuxers :-) There's no problem with software availability as well as there's no hardware/diver problems.

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gilboa Member since:

... /+1.
Been doing it since, err, mid-life FC2?

However, to be honest:
A. I don't use flash. (so I don't really care about the lack of a 64bit flash plugin)
B. I -do- run 32bit software. (E.g. VMWare server fronted, computer games).

- Gilboa

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