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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The release focuses on bug fixes, better connectivity and support for additional devices. Changelog is here. You can dowload the client here. Please note that the server-side was upgraded too and has introduced a small rendering bug with the mobile OSNews menu; hopefully it will be resolved soon.
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OT: Any Opera users out there?
by Priest on Thu 22nd Feb 2007 13:36 UTC
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When I used Opera a few years ago it had an ad banner at the top and the all of the toolbar options took up so much real estate that there was barely room to see the web site I was on.

I was a little disappointed with the IE7 and FF2 upgrades, am I am not sure what motivated me, but I decided to give Opera a second chance.

I have to say that so far the results seem pretty good. Competition from Firefox seems to have motivated the Opera team to de-crapify the UI, and the features and speed are easily as good or better than FF.

Neither FF or IE seem able to pass the Web Standards Acid 2 test, but Opera renders it perfectly.

The Opera people have actually done a pretty good job.

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I did use Opera for sometime for my "mails and research window"... All the other browsing was done by Firefox, which I like a lot, but have all kinds of problems constantly... but now, I'm just using Opera for almost anything... My computer is a lot happier (other programs doesn't suffer from "interference") and so I'm.

The biggest advantage of Opera over Firefox, IMHO, is the biggest UI sin... lack of responsiveness. When you hit ctrl+t and start tipping just to discovery over a second latter that the program just 'eated' most of the characters you typed... almost all the time... well, it gets boring. Also, When you click a tab to switch and it take 5-6 seconds to the program respond again... there's serious problems there. I was patience with Firefox for over 2 years, but since Opera 9.0, there's no way to ignore these long standing problems. Since them I'm happily using only Opera... There are some small flaws here and there, but these ones I have hope someone will fix... =]

I didn't use the mobile (mini) version yet. I don't have the habit of using cellphone for browsing (not so good experience and too [much] expensive)... If I don't really need to I won't use until the situation chances... but from my experience with Opera over the years, I would like to try Opera's mobile browsers (mini and the real Opera browser software).

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