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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu I've been an Arch user for roughly 3 years. I'm pretty much familiar with it all - The way it boots, its configuration and its package management. I've also heard a lot of good things about Ubuntu, and wanted to try it for a long time. So, two weeks ago, I took the plunge. These are my findings.
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RE: Ubuntu vs. Arch
by Daniel Grimm on Thu 1st Mar 2007 19:24 UTC in reply to "Ubuntu vs. Arch"
Daniel Grimm
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Actually he didn't say that Arch was easier to use than Ubuntu. Just that it's much simpler (in the sense of not being complex), which is absolutely correct, IMHO.

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RE[2]: Ubuntu vs. Arch
by Eugenia on Thu 1st Mar 2007 19:58 in reply to "RE: Ubuntu vs. Arch"
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Indeed. Arch is simpler down below. What this means is that if you ever need to change something in a script or something, you will have a better luck with Arch's clean design rather than Ubuntu's 15 year old Debian craft.

But when you see it from the higher level, as an end user who would never need to fix anything, then Ubuntu is a better solution for that user.

I am using Arch for 2+ years now and it's my main distro. However, many things don't progress as fast as I would like in the higher level part, and so I am also thinking of using Ubuntu in the future. But you see, in order for me to use Ubuntu, I mist never have to delve in its under the hood scripts like I do for Arch to fix something -- because I know that if I do, it won't be a clean design as Arch's and it will piss me off.

So basically, personally I am looking forward to leave Arch for Ubuntu, but this won't happen before Ubuntu becomes near perfect in its user experience. Until that day comes, I prefer to fight with Arch's command line to fix things rather than Ubuntu's.

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RE[3]: Ubuntu vs. Arch
by AlexandreAM on Fri 2nd Mar 2007 16:37 in reply to "RE[2]: Ubuntu vs. Arch"
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Well, Eugenia. I feel much like you do. Arch is simply the greatest distribution I ever tried (believe me, I've tested a whole lot of distributions in the past 9 years) but, unfortunately it has some user friendliness "problems".

Well, they're not exactly problems in the sense that they're just not what the distro is focused at.

What I'd really like to see (and even contribute if there were enough people involved -- I used to customize distros to meet some enterprise's needs a few years ago) is a sibling project with Arch, to use the Arch code base to develop a truly user friendly distribution on top of it.

ABS and Pacman (in its upcoming version) would make the job a charm to complete... well... one can dream, right ?

Fortunately I can live without this userfriendliness and will happily live with my Arch system.

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