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Linux Complaining about Windows Vista is a national past time on Internet forums these days. Windows Vista 'costs too much', 'has onerous product activation', 'requires too much hardware', etc. These complaints are often followed up by a very simple boast: 'I'm just going to switch to Linux'. But in today's landscape, how viable is that statment? Is the threat to switch to Linux an empty one, or is it entirely possible?"
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first glance
by historyb on Wed 7th Mar 2007 20:00 UTC
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I noticed some things at first glance. Number one it seems the author might give to much credence to 64 bit, most people still use 32 bit. The test would have been better if he had used that, as one poster said 64 bit is no party on MS either. Number two is his choice of Linux flavors, while Ubuntu is okay it's not the premiere distro it just has more marketing exposure. The better would have been a more newbie friendly flavor such as PCLinuxOS or Mepis.

I don't believe we will see a mass exodus to Linux yet, those that want the latest and greatest will go with the flow and by a new machine. Others will stick with XP until support has ended or they get tried of it which ever comes first.

This last group usually does not play high powered 3d games or do power things. They check email, surf the net, play solitaire etc. For them Linux is more than ready and it those who can't fathom buying a new computer when the time comes that are the likely ones to make the jump to Linux, all mho.

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