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Java "Although the .NET vs. Java war is basically over for control of the Windows desktop, where .NET is sure to become the managed language of choice for new Windows desktop applications, there is a new battle brewing. That battle is for the Linux desktop. Now that Java has been open sourced under the GPL, even the most strict of the 'free software only' distributions can start bundling it and integrating it into their Linux distributions out of the box."
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I want to use Java
by djst on Thu 8th Mar 2007 18:14 UTC
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I want to use Java. To be honest, I regret that I chose C# as the language for our internal business application one year ago. However, I made the decision based on the following then valid points:

* Visual Studio. It may have bugs (I've found more of them lately), but it's absolutely lovely to work in. Especially UI development is extremely straightforward and easy.

* Swing. Although NetBeans have made it much easier to create UI quickly, there were many quirks the last time I evaluated it. For example, the AbsoluteLayout that I wanted to use in order to overlap some controls was making the application crash occasionally.

* Previous experiences with Visual Basic. Having developed software in VB6 for several years, the transition to C# was not hard.

* Uncertainty. I simply didn't have time to make the necessary research to verify that OPC communication, database communication (including existing Access 2003 .mdb-files), and XML serialization were going to be as simple and straightforward as it is in .NET.

The last point still holds true. I simply know too little about the available classes in Java to estimate whether or not using Java would mean more implementation work. But one thing is true: I really appreciate all that Sun is doing right now and I will take a closer look at Java again.

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