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Amiga & AROS AROS will be ported to the EFIKA. "Earlier this week John accepted the AROS EFIKA Port Bounty. Said another way, John will port Amiga Research Operating System to the EFIKA." In an email, BBRV also said MorphOS 2.0 is 'coming'. They promised more news on that soon.
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by PurpleAlien on Fri 16th Mar 2007 12:39 UTC
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On PowerPC, recent kernels have changed the way short timing loops are implemented. The CPU timebase is used instead of calibrated empty loops. (which is exactly what BogoMIPS are, the ability of the CPU to do nothing).

Thus the BogoMIPS value is no longer the speed at which the processor runs empty loops, but the actual processor timebase value as obtained after calibration at boot.

For instance, on G3 and G4 processor it is the bus frequency divided by 4, which is why a 1Ghz G4 has a BogoMIPS value of 73 or so.


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