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Zeta Bernd Korz has announced that the Zeta development team and Magnussoft are parting ways [German]. The team and Bernd will continue to develop Zeta, and the service pack (Zeta v1.51) will still be released in the coming weeks.
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Is this even relevant anymore
by ssa2204 on Sat 24th Mar 2007 05:39 UTC
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Seriously, I do not get how Zeta could even be in business trying to sell an OS that most think is dead. The person that first introduced me to Beos way back when did not even know it was still around, nor did he care. Already Beos has already had too small of a user/developer base, hence why the original Beos went bankrupt. And please, don't start screaming that BeOS is got a big huge fanbase blah blah blah. It doesn't. I do not mean to necessarily disparage Beos. My point is this is a niche OS that really should just be open source developed by a supporting community. Charging $50 for this OS is trully $50 too expensive if they are marketing this to the general public. Much like SkyOS, there is really one way an OS can succed; either be free (Linux), developed by well known market dominating corp (Microsoft), or be completely original, ground-breaking and innovative (????). Sadly Zeta and the whole Beos's time has come and gone. Really, this should have just died when Apple said no.

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