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Apple In the latest update to the technical documentation available from ADC, Apple has published this note: "Features added to Cocoa in Mac OS X versions later than 10.4 will not be added to the Cocoa-Java programming interface. Therefore, you should develop Cocoa applications using Objective-C to take advantage of existing and upcoming Cocoa features".
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Most people are used to C-like languages and just don't get it. Objective-C (besides being 100% compatible with C, which C++ isn't and C# only bears the name) is a *dynamic* language. That's fundamentally different from the static procedural thing C++ (and C# and java) offer you. The result is that Objective-C is an order of magnitude more useful for lots of stuff, and *manageable*. It isn't just a fad for a weird syntax (literally, C mingled with Smalltalk with all the seams showing).

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