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GNU, GPL, Open Source The FSF has released the third draft of the revised third version of the GNU General Public License. Some of the changes in the new draft, such as the increased clarification and legal language, or the housekeeping changes that reflect new aspects of the license are likely to be accepted. However, the license also includes a new approach to the controversial issue of lock-down technologies as well as more explicit language about patents, including language designed to prevent a re-occurrence of agreements such as the one that Novell entered into with Microsoft - all of which is apt to kindle heated debate as the revision process enters its final stages after fifteen months of intensive work.
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Indemnification and patent protection agreements are two different things.

Indemnifications are agreements made by an entity to assume the legal risk for their customers created by a third party holding a patent that might be infringed by a product being used by the customers.

Patent protection schemes are made by entities that do hold patents that could possibly be infringed upon by a second entity's product and states that the patent holder won't sue (in the Novell/MS case at least) the second entity's users.

In essence, patent protection schemes amount to almost the same thing as a patent license but with a wording that sidesteps the language of GPL2. GPL3 seeks to create language that can't be circumvented using this 'hack'

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