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OS/2 and eComStation "In this anniversary, I'd like to shed some light about my first-hand experience with [OS/2], especially since I see many attempts at history re-writing and over-simplification, when people compress OS/2's two decades into a single paragraph. An OS/2 user named Roger Perkins wrote to OS/2 newsgroups ten years ago: "Here's to OS/2's 10th Anniversary on April 2nd! No OS has ever died so many times!"
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I suspect that Microsoft's victory would be complete by now if it were not for the unexpected arrival of Linux and OSS.

Yup. MS had the OS market tied up in knots and mostly locked up tight, but Linux (and to a less extent BSD) are mainly developed outside the commercial marketplace and tend to be at least somewhat immune from market forces.

That makes them significant threats to Microsoft, IMO.

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