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Zeta A lot of things have happened in the past few days concerning Zeta, BeOS, and Haiku. In order to create some order in the chaos, Eugenia and I have created a rough timeline of what happened the past 6-7 years. Read on for the timeline and some more thoughts on the matter. Update: Magnusoft ceases distribution of Zeta. Update II: Access answered the questions posed in the article.
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some infos
by Rafael on Sat 7th Apr 2007 19:56 UTC
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there were some infos on the old yt site.
here some of the things:

The lack of sales forced Be, Inc. to the well-publicised focus shift, which led us to Be Inc.'s biggest and final mistake: the concentration on developing BeIA (Be [for] Internet Appliance[s]). This announcement was extremely counterproductive as virtually all development of commercial software ceased at once. Furthermore, it made it impossible for Be, Inc. to pick up the BeOS pieces again, when the prophesied market for embedded systems turned out to be yet another analyst red herring!

The focus shift was the beginning of yellowTAB. Since Be, Inc. wouldn't be able to refocus on BeOS, the idea of sourcing code was born. The yellowTAB concept was started by 10 people in Stuttgart, Germany, who were not willing to give up BeOS and still saw a market for it.

Before Be, Inc. sold its assets to Palm, Inc., we managed to close a deal allowing us to distribute the PE version and had started negotiations over the future of the Pro version. Koch Media was ready to reissue the copies of the Pro Version that they hadn't managed to resell, to make it a part of a new distribution first called BeOS NG (New Generation), now renamed to "ZETA".

In June 2001 while we went into the final negotiations with Be, Inc. over financing the development of a release of BeOS R6, we got the message from Be, Inc. that they were no longer able to negotiate with us. The reason was that they had a potential investor. We decided to wait till we got the name of the new investor or buyer of BeOS/IA. Once the shareholders of Be, Inc. had voted to approve the sale to Palm we established the needed contact with Palm, Inc. in November. We are most grateful for the help we have received from Be Inc., in providing us with contact information for Palm, Inc.

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RE: some infos
by Vibe on Sat 7th Apr 2007 20:10 in reply to "some infos"
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What you're saying looks like Koch Media has discontinued stock sitting on the shelf that they wanted to sell. No problem there but it's a bit of a leap to distributing unauthorised works and using, apparently illegal, source code on the back of negotiations that were never completed.

This looks to me that there was nothing here other than a simple warez scheme. Instead of getting zero Bernd Korz played it big and bluffed his way through the whole Zeta affair like a con man. He only got away with it because a company had collapsed and nobody was around to say otherwise, and he milked the enthusiasm of the BeOS fan base for every pfennig he could get.

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RE[2]: some infos
by Rafael on Sat 7th Apr 2007 21:46 in reply to "RE: some infos"
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it doesn't declare the situation now, it only shows how ZETA starts, but the things changed in the course of time!! and that's why I am also doubtfully about some comments...

but you can read here so many untruths and specs...

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RE: some infos
by tonestone57 on Sat 7th Apr 2007 22:11 in reply to "some infos"
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I found yours & looncraz's posts interesting and insightful, but in the end it comes down to the following:

Bernd & Access have to resolve this legal issue themselves, because I (and 10 other people may think) Access is right and you (and 10 other people may think) Bernd is right, but the truth is:

#1 Bernd & Access have to agree (either Zeta is legal or illegal); this will resolve it one way or another. Bernd will have to provide his proof to Access for this OR
#2 Access takes Bernd to court, verdict rendered and there is a resolution OR
#3 Access accuses Bernd & Bernd says he is within his rights (this is never resolved & legal status of Zeta remains questionable). This is where we are at now.

I am hoping for #1 above, but I feel very sure that it will be #3.

Us arguing who was in the right does not matter, because either A) Access has to see original documentation proving Zeta was legal or B) Access has to prove, in court, that Zeta was illegal. Else, we are stuck with #3 above.

The details you, Rafael, and Looncraz provide are good, but do you have any *original* documentation (from Be Inc or Palm) to support any of what you wrote? Otherwise it is just hearsay ( and basically an unverified story ).

I have enjoyed Zeta and so have many other users. I am a little upset because Access was left out ( no compensation or deal worked out for them ) since its their product and also that Magnussoft got caught up in this too ( paid development costs & were not able to sell Zeta to make any money off it ). Though it does not matter, but it makes me wonder if Palm ever tried stopping Bernd (that is for Palm to answer).

I hope this can be resolved in 30 days or less, but I truly believe the outcome will be #3 ( somewhat unfortunate ).

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RE[2]: some infos
by Rafael on Sat 7th Apr 2007 22:36 in reply to "RE: some infos"
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@tonestone57 and also to Mr. Schlesinger

I do not say that Bernd is right, I only try to challenge it, because i cannot proof it, i don't have any *original* documentation, most of the information i have is hearsay, but on other hand i am also sure that ACCESS, if they have all the things from Palm/PalmSource, that they also will not release any correspondence which they had with Mr. Korz and with Yellowtab (Magnussoft is a seperat topic)

as i can remember also the beunited team tried to get in contact with Palm, and they had some correspondence but where not able to get a license

why i am also so distrustful is if Palm/PlamSource and then also ACCESS known that ZETA was illegal why didn't they inform the community or the customers,
yt sold really a lot, so why should they let people more than seven years in ignorance?

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