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SuSE, openSUSE As reported by Slashdot, debate has risen over ClearType in Linux. OpenSUSE recently disabled this technology, saying "that this feature is covered by several Microsoft patents and should not be activated in any default build of the library". Other websites have picked up on this as well: "The strange thing is though: no matter the fact that Novell and Microsoft are now buddies, openSUSE still has to be concerned about the ClearType patents!"
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Lucky for me my newspaper doesn't make such amateur mistakes, and if they do, they remove or amend the story. This is why internet journalism isn't up to the standards set by print journalism 100 years ago.

A very fair point but not really what this story is about, imho.

In the first place, the whole patent thang is so complicated that folks are erring on the side of caution or simply adopting a blanket approach which catches the good with the bad. This may easily be the case here.

In the second place, the real thrust of this story as it originally emerged isn't really do with with what happened and who was involved, etc. It is more to do with trying to prove that the dire predictions of skullduggery around the Microsoft-Novell deal are coming true. But as we now know, the notion doesn't (yet) stack up because this particular example is not strong enough. Something else may turn out to be a genuine smoking gun. We'll see.

So one can argue that this is really all about Open Sauce politicking. After all, there is nothing new about patents and setting switches in freetype. The subject has been going back and forth for years. Not long ago, loads of Linux users were recompiling freetype because of the Apple/hinting issue.

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