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Windows Lots of Windows-related news today. Firstly, responding to customer demand, Dell has restarted selling new PCs with Windows XP installed on them. Secondly, Microsoft software will sell for just USD 3 in some parts of the world in an attempt to double the number of global PC users (probably not at all unrelated to this interesting figure). Lastly, Vista may only be three months old in the retail marketplace, but Microsoft is already seeking participants in the beta testing program for the next version of Windows Media Center, codenamed Fiji. Update: Microsoft denied the sales figures in China to
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RE[6]: Clear sign
by kaiwai on Sat 21st Apr 2007 10:43 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Clear sign"
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Leopard is delayed, what, three months? And Vista was delayed how long?

Actually, Windows Vista was delayed for 1 year when you take into account the new road map which was released Microsoft after the release of Windows XP which scrapped the idea of an upgrade in 2003/2004 and instead pushed the next release out to 2005/2006.

Lets also remember that the road map didn't take into account the security issues that plagued Microsoft resulting in the development of SP2, security audit and the likes.

Oh. and btw, I didn't bash the delay of Leopard; infact I am one of those who think it is being released too early and needs more testing and addressing long standing issues such as fixing the finder.

Tiger is already as good as Vista so the delay hardly actually matters. Apple do not wish to enter the third world market, if they did, they would make an OS that wouldn't suck, and didn't cripple you to running no more than three programs at a time.

Who said I agreed with Microsofts approach for the third world? Me, I think the whole idea is bloody stupid. If it were *me* I would be selling a full blown version of Windows via OEM channels in these countries for $10 per unit. Get them using Windows now and once leach money in through other avenues.

It makes little sense for Apple to enter now in the market, however, once there is a sizable middle class, then it'll be worth Apples while to do something in those regards.

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