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KDE "Stephan Binner, a well-known KDE and openSUSE developer, has released a set of live CDs featuring the latest development snapshot of KDE 4 (screenshots). Unlike the SLAX-based live CD called KLAX, which he used to develop in order to demonstrate new KDE releases, his 'KDE Four Live' images are based on openSUSE. After a large, uncompressed live DVD released earlier in the week, a set of smaller live CDs (compressed with Squashfs) is now also available for download. Don't expect trouble-free computing with these early KDE 4 snapshots, but as demonstration tools designed to give KDE users an early taste of things to come, they aren't too bad. The first alpha build of KDE 4 is scheduled for release early next week."
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Waiting for FreeBSD port ;)
by Arabian on Tue 24th Apr 2007 06:56 UTC
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I can't wait to see FreeBSD KDE 4.0 port! ;)

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It won't be a port, just a compile, KDE runs natively on most, if not all modern Unixes. There are a few ppl working hard to make sure it does.

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Arabian Member since:

FreeBSD KDE team will make binary for FreeBSD and you can build it from the FreeBSD ports as well.

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