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KDE "Stephan Binner, a well-known KDE and openSUSE developer, has released a set of live CDs featuring the latest development snapshot of KDE 4 (screenshots). Unlike the SLAX-based live CD called KLAX, which he used to develop in order to demonstrate new KDE releases, his 'KDE Four Live' images are based on openSUSE. After a large, uncompressed live DVD released earlier in the week, a set of smaller live CDs (compressed with Squashfs) is now also available for download. Don't expect trouble-free computing with these early KDE 4 snapshots, but as demonstration tools designed to give KDE users an early taste of things to come, they aren't too bad. The first alpha build of KDE 4 is scheduled for release early next week."
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Not thrilled at all
by Charles A Landemaine on Tue 24th Apr 2007 12:21 UTC
Charles A Landemaine
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I expected a much nicer look and feel. It feels almost like the 3.5 series...

I hope the work harder on the aesthetics before release.

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RE: Not thrilled at all
by aseigo on Tue 24th Apr 2007 13:27 in reply to "Not thrilled at all"
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> It feels almost like the 3.5 series...

that's because you chose a screenshot which shows everything that hasn't yet been changed out and nothing which has been. so yes, if you pick the parts that haven't been worked on yet you're right: it looks a lot like 3.x.

you may have noticed we haven't even hit the alphas yet. there's a reason for that.

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by Xaero_Vincent on Tue 24th Apr 2007 17:59 in reply to "RE: Not thrilled at all"
Xaero_Vincent Member since:

I hope these screenshots dont represent the near final look and feel for KDE 4.0.

The icons are nice and so is the new filemanager, but thats about it. Everything else looks far too simular to KDE 3.5.

I understand there is alot of work going on with porting KDElibs to QT4 but overall looks leave a lasting impression. IMHO, KDE 4.0 doesnt look so exciting.

Windows Vista's desktop environment was--for better or worse--a drastic change from XP's.

I was hoping to see a change as significant in KDE's own unique way; a change that would go far as to solving KDE's nutorious usability issues (too many options in nested menus and other hard to find places).

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