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Linux "More than half of the 1.2 million lines of code for the real-time kernel technology have been moved into the mainline Linux kernel over the past year, Tim Burke, the director of emerging technologies at Red Hat, said at the Linux/Open Source on Wall Street conference on April 23."
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If Bill Gates (Of Hell) was president, using Linuks or any other operating system other than Winblows, would be a punishable crime.

Winblows and Linuks both suck. Winblows keeps crashing and freezing, and in Linuks you can not even change the damn screen resolution without recompiling the whole Kernel and restarting the computer.

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So you believe that you'll have to recompile the entire Linux kernel to change screen resolution...

... are you ******?

Stop trolling!

BTW There's nothing wrong with either GNU/Linux or Windows.

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The best way to get trolls to stop trolling is not feeding them replies in the first place. Especially such crude and poorly thought out attempts at trolling.

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