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Games "Last Wednesday, a company called Falling Leaf Systems announced the availability of an alpha of something called the Alky Project. The Alky Project has a lofty goal: to liberate DirectX 10 gaming from the confines of Vista and bring it first to Windows XP, and then to Linux and OS X. The project plans to do this by building a converter that can take in a DX10 game executable and spit out a modified version that can be run on a (non-Vista) target OS. The target OS must be x86-based, which rules out the PPC version of OS X, since the converter doesn't do any binary translation."
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RE: Vaporware
by Hiev on Wed 25th Apr 2007 23:23 UTC in reply to "Vaporware"
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Will WINE allow me to run DX10 on XP?

Did you read the part where it says is not only for Linux?

So at least read the topic before posting such uninformed comments.

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RE[2]: Vaporware
by Ford Prefect on Wed 25th Apr 2007 23:30 in reply to "RE: Vaporware"
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WINE runs on Windows. In fact, WINE developers often use it under Windows for debugging.

Didn't know this? Doesn't matter. Google is a friend. And next time, to say it in your words, at least inform yourself before posting such uninformed comments.

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by Xaero_Vincent on Thu 26th Apr 2007 00:36 in reply to "RE: Vaporware"
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I dont know what to think of this project. It really sounds too simple to actually be true.

DX has many components and a very large API (far from simple). How can a DX Windows game be recompiled for Linux or OS X when those platforms have no DX support?

If it tries to convert DX calls to OpenGL, wouldn't it essentially be doing what Wine and Cedega do?

As for the pray demo: Everyone is saying its an OpenGL game that has nothing to do with DirectX.

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RE: Well
by slight on Thu 26th Apr 2007 10:26 in reply to "Well"
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There's already DX9 support in WINE, this project's aim is just to convert DX10 binaries so they'll run on DX9.

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