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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris "After making a lot of progress with Mandriva Linux 2007, I thought perhaps Mandriva had turned over a new leaf, and was using that release as a starting point for an overall better quality operating environment. I was totally wrong. Both the PowerPack Edition and Discovery/LX have slid so far back with version 2007.1 that I have serious doubts as to the future of Mandriva's viability as a commercial desktop operating system." Read more at SoftwareInReview.
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LinDVD / Cedega
by AdamW on Thu 26th Apr 2007 22:26 UTC
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No, 2007.1 doesn't include LinDVD and Cedega. I think we have discounted copies of 2007.0 in the Store, though, so that might work even better for you.

I find this review overly negative and simply inaccurate in some places. here's an extract from some mails I sent discussing it:

"More Club advantages? Setting up the Club-exclusive repositories via drakfirsttime - which is popped up on first boot - works in 2007.1. Couldn't really get much more obvious than that. "This process should be automatic during installation -- ask for Club membership information and install the sources automatically" - well, that's exactly what happens. I don't know how he missed it. "How about some pre-seeded torrents of the DVD ISOs, too, so that members can get the new release in less than a day?" - that's exactly what the Club gets."

"Handheld device support? true, but then no-one else is doing any better AFAIK. The available support for Windows Mobile devices is extremely alpha and hard to integrate. The module has just gone into kernel-tmb, we'll probably work on it this cycle."

"Proper video card support? Well, um - "Everyone who installs Mandriva Discovery/LX, PowerPack, or PowerPack+ should have the latest and most capable video driver that the included version will support, and it should provide 3D acceleration without any extra effort" - that's exactly what happens. There's a small bug with NVIDIA on upgrade installs that I really need to add to the Errata, but that's about it. (He installed NVIDIA driver from upstream, but you don't have to, you just have to re-run XFdrake to update xorg.conf)."

"Forget about the fancy special effects? he is labouring under the same misconception as some other reviewers, that this stuff takes a lot of development resources. It really doesn't."

on non-working packages:

"Actually, I disagree. This is the common cycle:


* no-one notices on Cooker because no-one uses it

* no-one notices during beta cycle because none of the people who use it try the betas

* QA don't notice because they can't test everything, they test the important stuff

* the release comes with the package broken, finally the two people who use it try it and realize it doesn't work

* they file a bug

* the package gets fixed in /contrib/updates

Given that the alternatives are a) force everyone to try the betas (not likely until we rule the world), b) force QA to test every single little-used package in the distro (wasting resources that could be used on QAing more important stuff and likely slowing the release cycle), c) drop the packages entirely, d) keep the status quo, I think d) is easily the best option. I don't think c) is better than d) at all; with d) we end up with a working package, with c) the user is stuffed and forced to switch distros or build from source."

"I'm a bit sad that the comprehensiveness of our Errata was taken as a *negative* point. From my experience, the same amount of issues exist in other distros; they just don't document them so extensively. Jem, would you be happier if I did a sloppier job on the Errata for 2008.0? ;) "

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