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Mac OS X Apple on Tuesday released a QuickTime update to fix a security flaw that was used to breach a MacBook Pro at a recent security conference. The media player vulnerability lies in QuickTime for Java, Apple said in a security alert. The hole could be exploited through a rigged Web site and let an attacker commandeer computers running both Mac OS X and Windows, the Mac maker said.
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RE: OS X must be getting real
by Umbra on Wed 2nd May 2007 00:43 UTC in reply to "OS X must be getting real"
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Popular, it really gets the news now. I guess all them people claiming bigger market share you will get hacked alot, it's just nonsense.

Well, latest market share figures can be found here:

According to this the Mac platform is upon 6.21% and Linux is at 0.80% or almost 8 times smaller. The Mac computer platform is now the fastest growing personal computer platform in the world - joined by the Apple Reatil Stores as the world fastest growing retail chain.

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RE[2]: OS X must be getting real
by Rayz on Wed 2nd May 2007 08:00 in reply to "RE: OS X must be getting real"
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Mmm .. Dunno about that.

According to your link, Vista has already surpassed the MacIntel line and is chasing down the rest of the installed base on the PowerPC. So I'd say Vista is the fastest growing platform. Or are you lumping Vista in with the rest of Windows?

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I think he was right to lump Vista in w/ the rest of Windows. Vista is not a platform, Windows is a platform.

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