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Apple Steve Jobs writes about Apple's efforts to become a more enironmental friendly company. "Apple has been criticized by some environmental organizations for not being a leader in removing toxic chemicals from its new products, and for not aggressively or properly recycling its old products. Upon investigating Apple's current practices and progress towards these goals, I was surprised to learn that in many cases Apple is ahead of, or will soon be ahead of, most of its competitors in these areas. Whatever other improvements we need to make, it is certainly clear that we have failed to communicate the things that we are doing well." Among other things, Apple will introduce LEDs in displays to Macs this year.
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by abraxas on Fri 4th May 2007 13:44 UTC in reply to "RE"
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"but if millions of us try to do it, we start to make a difference. "
Indeed, we do, but at the end of the day we just pollute less. We don't reverse the incredible damage we've done to the planet.

Look, no one is going to convince everyone in the world to stop using electricity and we don't need to do that to correct the CO2 problem. Volcanoes and other natural phenomena dump huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere and have been doing that for billions of years without a problem. CO2 isn't a problem itself, too much of it is. When you say we "pollute less" then that is a good thing as long as our CO2 emissions do not exceed what mother earth (including the human race and other species) can bear. Despite what you believe some symptoms of massive CO2 emissions can be reversed like global warming. It's not all doom and gloom yet, but it will be if we don't start doing something now, like being greener. Every little bit helps.

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