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Linux Linus Torvalds has announced the first release candidate for version 2.6.22 of the Linux kernel, noting that the changelog itself for this release is just too big to put on the mailing list. According to the kernel-meister himself: "The diffstat and shortlogs are way too big to fit under the kernel mailing list limits, and the changes are all over the place. Almost seven thousand files changed, and that's not double-counting the files that got moved around. Architecture updates, drivers, filesystems, networking, security, build scripts, reorganizations, cleanups... You name it, it's there."
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Notice that Opensolaris is also merging new features rapidly, in fact opensolaris is the "unstable" solaris tree. There're reasons why opensolaris exists, and using the community as beta tester is one. So it's not just Linux.

I feel classifying OSOL as "unstable" and comparing it to Linux is rather silly. I'd trust OSOL CE on a server more than I'd trust Ubuntu 6.06LTS, we'll put it that way.

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