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AMD AMD says its badly needed quad-core desktop processors are on the way, and they'll arrive bearing a new name. Two quad-core chips will be available in the second half of the year, the Phenom FX and the Phenom X4, and a dual-core chip based on a similar design called the Phenom X2 will also appear by the end of the year.
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by gilboa on Tue 15th May 2007 18:28 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: too long ..."
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Yeah, but the Opteron, as the Xeon target both workstation (E.g. 3D modeling, heavy math, etc) and servers. (Server applications are designed to scale very nicely)
Having said all that, even server applications (as my own - at least thus far) tend to start being memory/bus bandwidth capped on Clovertown/2x4C machines - Making it less effective then say, a 4x2C Opteron 8xx machine. (With 4 independent DIMM banks)

In short, 4C is nice, but hopefully AMD's Barcelona on-die memory controller will yield better results then Intel Clovertown's northbridge.
(...Intel's CSI is not far behind)

- Gilboa

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