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Windows "It's the end of the line for 32-bit operating systems, Microsoft has proclaimed at its annual Windows Hardware Engineering conference After the software giant has gotten over its hangover from partying like it's 1999 with the release of Windows Server 2008, it will have one last 32-bit hurrah with a 'release 2' update to Windows Server 2008, and that'll be it. 32 bit CPU: if you have one, learn to love Vista - you're stuck with it.There will be no more versions of Windows - on desktop or server - that will work on 32-bit CPUs like Pentium 4 or Core Duo."
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RE: Dumb
by shadow303 on Thu 17th May 2007 15:38 UTC in reply to "Dumb"
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If there will be any "forcing" involved, it will be from the likes of AMD and Intel. This decision seems like a no brainer for Microsoft - by the time they release a new OS (several years down the road), it's likely that all of the computers sold to your average household will be 64 bit. If that is true, then there really isn't much incentive for MS to support 32 bit machines (the people with the old 32 bit machines are likely to be the same people who only get a new version of Windows by buying a new computer).

As far as the 99% argument goes - that's just life. Some people do benefit from the improvement, and it isn't really fair to expect the industry to either hold back or double their support costs in order to cater to the hold-outs.

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