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Gnome In the GNOME bugzilla, there is an ongoing discussion about whether or not to include a patch into the default GNOME installation which would enable GNOME to (optionally) have a global application menubar, similar to that of the Mac OS and KDE (in the latter it is optional and off by default). Installation instructions and .deb packages, as well as a 60-page (and counting) discussion of the patch, are available on the UbuntuForums. Read on for a poll on this issue.
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RE: Some numbers
by rajj on Fri 18th May 2007 06:13 UTC in reply to "Some numbers"
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If you have multiple heads, and you happen to be on the head without the menu, what then? Now you flick your mouse up only to realize that the menu's clear over on the other side. Simply extending the bar to span both displays won't work; however, I suppose you could duplicate the menus on each side.

One of the advantages of having the the menu bar in the window is that the window becomes its own orthogonal environment that doesn't depend on UI elements located elsewhere.

I think the fundamental problem is the WIMP paradigm and its emphasis on the mouse. Stop worrying about marginally reducing the time to access the menu bar, and eliminate the need to access it altogether. Make the keyboard the emphasis.

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