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AMD "AMD recently disclosed a few details regarding their upcoming mobile platform technologies, codenamed 'Griffin' and 'Puma'. We've been given some preliminary information regarding these plans and thought we'd share a few of the more salient details with you here. The 'Griffin' codename pertains to an upcoming mobile processor that incorporates a number of features designed specifically for the mobile segment, with the intention of increasing performance and battery life. And 'Puma' is the name given to the new platform as a whole."
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RE: Hurry up AMD!
by Flatland_Spider on Sun 20th May 2007 01:52 UTC in reply to "Hurry up AMD!"
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I like AMD, but Centrino laptops have always been more attractive and better supported in the FOSS OSes community. Now with their open drivers and a committed laptop platform, I can start to look at them again.

Hopefully we'll see some nice thin laptops with high res displays. ;)

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