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Morphos The Efika motherboard is now available for the promised pricetag of USD 99. On top of that, MorphOS 1.5 2.0 is apparently on its way, and it will support hardware accelerated transparent windows, among other things. Screenshots and pictures can be found at MorphZone. As promised, MorphOS 2.0 will run on the Efika.
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RE[2]: Price is right but...
by dagw on Mon 21st May 2007 21:15 UTC in reply to "RE: Price is right but..."
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So what can it do on the processor? I'd like to note that I'm very well aware of what AmigaOS could do in the past with very little resources, but what can MorphOS do? Can it play HD video? Or edit it? Can it edit SD video, with real time effects? What about editing large images? Or is it simply a web surfing and word processing platform. Basically I can't find anything about what MorphOS can do beyond the very basics.

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RE[3]: Price is right but...
by -ujb- on Mon 21st May 2007 22:03 in reply to "RE[2]: Price is right but..."
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@ dagw

No, it cannot do hd video. Also it isn't the best device for editing video.
But it isn't intended to be.
If you're interested just try and find out what it can do. The hurdle is quite low now - 99$ to be precise.

But to sum it up, there are three major fields for the Efika:
1st - the "boring" work part: Put a small Linux on it and let it serve or control (a robot or whatever). It can be a pretty small and energy saving mini computer for many things, except Desktop (well KDE and Gnome are not really light weight) usage - a full Linux desktop distro on 400 MHz with 128 MB RAM isn't too much fun, but many, many, many other things work perfectly well on that board. Most prominet a small headless home server, the Efika is not a calssical desktop board.

2nd - the multimedia/fun/hobby/* part: Put MorphOS on it and the only limitation is your phantasy and the processor power and ram. But - unlike Linux- 128 MB and 400 MHz are a lot with MOS*. After booting the full OS, there are still about 100 MB RAM free, the OS is ubelieveable fast. With 100MB RAM you can do a lot. There are sound programs, video players, games, gfx programs, internet programs, etc. Some progs are old from the Amiga days, some are new. everyone is invited to contribute to the MorphOS effort, as programmer, as user.
Don't forget Hollywood a *very* easy to use programming language, ideal for multimedia things. The possibilities are endless.

3rd - the thin client aproach: Plug in the network cable and let the work be done remotely.

* I am sitting on a MOS setup right now and have a browser with several windows open, an emailer, a sound player, an IRC client, an editor and a picture viewer and currently there are about 80MB RAM in use.

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@ dagw & whoever will like to know

> So what can it do on the processor? I'd like to note
> that I'm very well aware of what AmigaOS could do in
> the past with very little resources, but what can
> MorphOS do?

Whatever you can do on an Amiga with AmigaOS, you can also do on a Pegasos or an Efika with MorphOS.

You may want to read the article I published here on OSNews one year ago:">MorphOS: V1.0

or its extended (doubled) version published on Power Developer web site six months later:">MorphOS: V2.0

Of course the articles refer to MorphOS 1.4.5, so be aware that each OS feature explicitly described as absent in MorphOS 1.4.5 has been inserted in MorphOS 2.0. This new version of the OS still exists in beta stage and the time of its coming is NOT far away.

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