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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Dell has given an overview of what customers can expect from their initial Ubuntu offering. "The default software from the Ubuntu media will be installed on the system, including kernel and applications. The peripheral options offered with Ubuntu will be a subset of what is offered with other operating systems. We're offering the hardware options on each system that have the most mature and stable Linux driver support. These hardware options have been thoroughly tested by the Linux team here at Dell. We configure/install open source drivers for hardware, when possible. We use partial open-source or closed source ('restricted' in Ubuntu terms) drivers where there is no equivalent open-source driver. This includes Intel wireless cards and Conexant modems."
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They're really treading carefully here
by flav2000 on Tue 22nd May 2007 00:07 UTC
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Quote from the site:
At this time, we are not including any support for proprietary audio or video codecs that are not already distributed with Ubuntu 7.04. These include MPEG 1/2/3/4, WMA, WMV, DVD, Quicktime, etc. We are evaluating options for providing this support in the future.

That would make a lot of people unhappy campers me thinks. [here comes the flames]

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Not'll be trivial to install that software, either using current methods (Automatix and the like) or - in a more "legal" way - with CNR's Ubuntu service (which will be available pretty soon).

I wouldn't be surprised if the CNR deal was not partially motivated by the Dell one. On top of the Ubuntu distro, Dell offers hardware, Canonical provides support and CNR easy-to-install software, as well as proprietary offerings (such as DVD software and multimedia codecs).

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I'm looking forward to finding out how Dell plans to educate the users on things like Automatix.

Do you think Dell is going to put any time and money into a manual explaining how to use Linux that's going to be included with every computer. Just like the Windows "Getting Started" guide?

I suspect a nice empty box and lots of bemused and unhappy newbies.

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Actually, 7.04 (feisty) will automagically download the appropriate software for anything you try to run without the proper codecs/programs/etc. It works like this:
1) User attempts to play a MP3
2) Ubuntu pops up gnome-app-install with a message saying you don't have the codecs to play a MP3, then suggests the proper package (in this case, ubuntu-restricted-extras).
3) User clicks OK, types in password, and installs the package.
4) User plays MP3

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Nah, I don't think people are going to be unhappy since Ubuntu 7.04 comes with an automatic codec downloader when you try to play a media whether it's AVIs or MP3s.

Which is a heck lot better than when you try to view those Divx/Xvid's videos in XP/Vista. And I've had people ask me on what they have to do to view those AVIs!

So I think Ubuntu 7.04 is on the right track here...

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That is why you get all those supported out of box when Windows is installed....oh wait?

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Actually, the only major media WinXP doesn't play OOB is MP4-AAC, OGG and DVDs

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