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General Unix Would you be able to survive one full day without using the X server? Linux offers us a wide assortment of CLI based tools which use curses and/or framebuffer for functional user interfaces. There is no reason why you shouldn't be able look up stuff online, read your email, look at pictures, watch movies and listen to music as you are trying to configure X.
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RE: meh
by Doc Pain on Tue 22nd May 2007 23:20 UTC in reply to "meh"
Doc Pain
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"I used to use the Norton Commander too. Much easier than plain old DOS. I still prefer to use the Midnight Commander in Linux instead of just the command line."

The MC is a great innovation. Most operations done are "source target operations", such as copying, moving, or symlinking. Therefore, the standard MC layout is great. I do use it for most tasks. Even its editor, mcedit, is a powerful tool. It even supports syntax highlighting. Proper bindings (mc.ext) will enable power to connect file types to operations, such as playing OGG files (ogg123) or processing tex files (pdflatex).

"And everyone knows that if you use linux, you just have to use the command line at some point. "

This is correct for UNIX, too. If everything else fails, the CLI still works and lets you do most of the work, There are great applications for CLI use, some of them are much faster than their GUI brothers.

Last to mention, CLI allows you to use a system via SSH or console without any configuration. Having X redirected to another system needs some more configuration to run.

While the CLI seems obsoleted to most users today, it is fully programmable. You can connect inputs and outputs, redirect, remote control applications and other stuff, depending on the shell and applications used. Especially the GUI is not fully programmable, so it won't fit some very special needs or requirements.

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