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Apple "Even while at the top of its game, Apple Inc. can seemingly find faults with just about anything, including a bit of itself. The Mac maker is constantly evaluating the market segments in which it wishes to participate and those which it does not. It's an application of love-hate methodology that inevitably produces its share of casualties." AppleInsider says it has learned from 'reliable' sources that the end is nigh for the Mini. "Ladies and gentlemen, AppleInsider believes in all sincerity that the Mini is dead."
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Maybe the AMD deal fell through
by griffinme on Sat 26th May 2007 02:13 UTC
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I heard a rumor that Apple was in negotiations with AMD because the Intel onboard graphics are horrific. AMD/ATI was to provide a complete set for the Mini with CPU chipset and graphics to make the Mini more usable. Jobs felt that the current Mini would give new users a poor impression of X.

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I like my mini very much, thank you. ;) I've souped it up a bit, but it isn't a bad machine even as a base model. Just don't game on it (even tho' I play simple games on it, but it DOES even run Civ 4 on its lowest settings).

If Apple were to introduce (or RE introduce) something like the cube, man oh man I'd be all over that like... well use your imagination.

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