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3D News, GL, DirectX "We thought it was already clear what graphics processors and drivers work and don't work with Linux desktop eye candy such as Beryl and Compiz, but it seems based upon the number of e-mails we have been receiving along with messages in community bulletin boards that the line isn't so clear after all."
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R300 strangely low
by maxx_730 on Sun 27th May 2007 21:08 UTC
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Im currently running Beryl with all plugins (except water ) enabled, and im getting 160 fps when idling with the open source drivers. How can there be such a difference between my setup and theirs?

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RE: R300 strangely low
by archiesteel on Mon 28th May 2007 02:09 in reply to "R300 strangely low"
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My guess is that the water effect kills performance... :-)

Seriously, though, I'm usually between a smooth 28-31 FPS when doing light stuff (moving windows, exposť-like Scale, etc.) and go down to a usable 16-17 FPS when I spin the cube manually (which I don't use often). This is on a ATI Xpress 200M on a Compaq laptop, not exactly a high-powered chipset, and yet the performance is quite acceptable.

Note that I'm using Xgl with the proprietary fglrx (which requires a workaround for 3D apps, unfortunately), so I'm not sure what would be the performance with AIGLX.

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RE[2]: R300 strangely low
by mallard on Mon 28th May 2007 12:53 in reply to "RE: R300 strangely low"
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It's likely the Xpress 200M that's causing problems. I also have a HP/Compaq laptop with one, although I don't currently run Linux on it.

Despite being called "Mobility Radeon X300" the Xpress 200M's graphics chip has less than 1/4 the performance of the desktop X300 (putting it on a par with low-end DX8 chips), plus the use of shared memory, means that you are unlikely to get steller performance.

Even Vista has troubles with the 200M, my install currently believes that the graphics is on a PCI (not PCIe) bus and consiquently has abismal performance.

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