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Window Managers The second release candidate for Ion3 has been released. "This is the second 'rc' release, and contains primarily bug fixes and other minor improvements." Get it from the download page.
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I like that dude for one reason: he hates XFT/fontconfig just like me ;-)

Just kidding. Honestly, that guy is just obsessed by the name Ion(3). He's a bit power-hungry too. Maybe he has a big developer ego and doesn't want other people to "ruin" his work. Seriously, he's hard to follow!

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What's really funny about it is that, if you go to his blog, you will find a number of rants against any kind of property rights, including statements that he does not respect the copyright of others. But when it comes to his own work...

It really is a shame though. Ion3 is certainly the best window manager I have ever used. I find it easier to handle a lot of windows in Ion than in the dynamic tiling wms (wmii/dwm etc.), and it certainly has the traditional WIMP-style wms beat, hands down.

I hope someone forks it and continues development when the original author stops.

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