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AMD "Last week we had published The Truth About ATI/AMD & Linux, and to no real surprise, the feedback ranged from beliefs that it was propaganda to others being grateful that AMD finally shared some additional information with their Linux customers about the fglrx development cycle. While the article was far from being propaganda, what had outraged a number of open-source developers were AMD's comments on the R200 support or there the lack of. In this article, we have a few additional comments to share along with what some open-source developers had to say about AMD's information."
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I wonder what we can do about this. Sure, my next graphics card won't be an ATI, but I doubt that will have any (visible) impact. And I also doubt that the nVidia card I'm going to buy will be better supported with open source drivers than the (admittedly stinking cheap) ATI one I'm using now. I think I'll choose an Intel one for my next laptop, but again Intel isn't exactly a friend to free/open source software.

It would be nice if there were one authoritative "Linux hardware" site were people could check hardware compatibility and, more important, be guided through their choices. If there a very visible "At the present moment company XXX is the most friendly towards FLOSS, buy from them" sign things might change: some tens of thousand disgruntled customers leaving would surely be noticed by these guys.


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I agree. I keep hearing from people around me and on the net how friendly Intel are now that some GMA drivers are around.

I would like to see a site containing serious moderated history of topics concerning companies actions. This would not only clear up the confusion, and help people on buying hardware from the right companies, but also motivate companies to behave better or keep doing it.

Currently we have many pages containing information about specific hardware. I wish for some focus on vendors too.

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Maybe we just have to wait for or work towards a similar ideology in the hardware field.

Something like "Open Specification" hardware.

Then you could have a truly "free" computing experience. A computer built using F/OSH running F/OSS.

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