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Window Managers The second release candidate for Ion3 has been released. "This is the second 'rc' release, and contains primarily bug fixes and other minor improvements." Get it from the download page.
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I don't blame him for being mad about the incorrect use of the product name. Someone changed a core chunk of ion3, then called the package ion3 and RENAMED THE ORIGINAL as something else.

That's just wrong. Everyone knows that you don't name your forked, largely modified code as the orignal, and rename the original code (except perhaps in the case of the mozilla project ;) ... It should have been called something else. The ion3 author even said he could USE the ion3 name in it, but to differentiate it somehow...

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except it wasn't a fork, it was a patch.
And it wasn't even a patched version, it was a PKGBUILD, which is just a set of instructions that tells makepkg how to build a program.
It was freaking instructions to patch Ion3. And it was in the AUR (which states it's unsupported), and listed as unsupported on top of that, and only shows up if you search for it from the AUR website.
If you actually typed pacman -S ion3 you got an up to date unpatched version of ion3 from the official repos.

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But wasn't the patch to make it work with a different font engine or renderer? Did I misread?

But the PKGBUILD name was misleading. The one that LOOKED like the standard ION3 build was NOT. The one that was the standard ION3 build was renamed to something else.

I believe that was his beef and I don't think he was wrong to be a little bit irritated with it. I wouldn't have gone as far as he did, but I mean, I might have gotten my hackles up a bit too.

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