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Mac OS X As you have surely noticed by now, Apple's CEO Steve Jobs held his keynote speech yesterday at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. So far, the responses have been mixed; I have seen a lot of excitement, but also a lot of disappointment. Personally, I am not really sure where I stand.
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RE[4]: Copied from what ?
by PowerMacX on Tue 12th Jun 2007 17:45 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Copied from what ?"
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"The main difference with the NeXTSTEP and Mac OS X Dock, is that the Icon Bar only displays icons for active, or loaded, applications"

Those are not "differences" that are notable in any way. The icon bar in ARTHUR/RISC OS is a dock, no matter the spin Wikipedia tries to put on it.

So you never use the dock to launch apps? I think that qualifies as a major difference.

What distinguishes the Dock from a simple process list window OR an app launcher is that it's both, at the same time. It has to do with the fact that unlike other OS systems, the concept of "application instance" doesn't apply to OS X, so a separate launcher/active processes display would be redundant.

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