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Linux I have so much to thank Bill Gates for: introducing me to the baffling joys of consumer computing with Windows 95; teaching me the meaning of fear and dread with Windows 98; leading me to the sunlit uplands of Windows XP; getting me out of Microsoft altogether with the arrival of Vista. I hardly know where to start. And if I hadn't flown into a high-minded anti-Microsoft, down-with-Bill-Gates fury at the start of this year, would I ever have stumbled upon ZenWalk? I doubt it.
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I like this
by fretinator on Wed 13th Jun 2007 14:15 UTC
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I like seeing an OS commentary/review from someone other than an OS geek. Really, the real gauge of the success of desktop Linux is what non OS geeks are thinking/doing. What do writers, truck drivers, waiters, nurses, etc. think. Too many times a review of a distro includes "I dropped to the command line and ...". That is not an option for some people. I write software for a living. I don't really care a whole lot of what techno's think of my program (I do care what they think of my code, though!), but what the end users think.

Good going, Mr. Jennings. Let's see more of that!

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