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Apple Ars has reviewed the new MacBook Pro. "The latest MacBook Pros are a solid upgrade from their predecessor, thanks to the new Santa Rosa platform. If you already have a 17" MacBook Pro and aren't dying for the higher-resolution display, don't bother upgrading. If, however, you have been sitting on the fence with an old G4 or Core Duo laptop, this is a worthy upgrade. If you like your laptops large and in charge, I strongly recommend the 17" MacBook Pro."
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where did you get the MBP from?
by bedo on Wed 13th Jun 2007 19:45 UTC
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I'm looking to buy new one in the next 3-4weeks; still have not decided on whether to get 2.2 or 2.4.

this would be my first apple machine ever, and I expect to use it for 4-5 years as my main computer. is the extra $500 worth it?

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Depends if you are going to need every last ounce of speed.

If you're doing 3D renders that are going to take days, then yes. If you're doing heavy video editing, possibly - as long as your disk is 7200rpm as well.

Otherwise generally, no.

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bedo Member since:

thanks for the reply; but I'm a typical technology nut; going for the highend product (17" is too big).

I'm not going to use it for video editing regularly, but maybe here and there; but I wonder if 256MB video memory is going to the minimum for video editing 2 years down the road; since I'm planning on keeping it for about 4 years.

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