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Linspire Linspire has announced an agreement to license voice-enabled instant messaging, Windows Media 10 codecs, and TrueType font technologies from Microsoft for its Linux distribution. Additionally, Microsoft will offer protection to Linspire customers against possible violations of Microsoft patents by Linux.
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RE[3]: Too Suspicious
by Windows Sucks on Thu 14th Jun 2007 20:59 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Too Suspicious "
Windows Sucks
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Yes you will have your own code. But the company (Like Microsoft) who took it will have your code and then add their code and money to make it better and in the end you are just stuck with YOUR code. LOL!

At least with GPL I still have my code and if you use it we will then share code as you are sharing mine and I will be sharing yours. The big companies like MS can't get rich off my code while I have to BUY back the products they make with MY code. LOL!

Notice that BSD has been around a LOT longer then Linux but no one outside the computer world knows what the heck it is. Yet at one time or another there was and is all kinds of BSD code in Windows and other products.

Shoot my mother and grandmother know what Linux is.

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