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Windows ITWire: "Linux users can, at times, be the worst kind of ingrates, whining and complaining about what they perceive as missing features in a free operating system. My advice to all such whingers: spend 10 days using the latest version of Windows and you'll realise that you are living in a world of relative bliss."
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RE[2]: Moan?
by twenex on Fri 22nd Jun 2007 11:06 UTC in reply to "RE: Moan?"
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Go and use your Microsoft instead of moaning about Linux on every occasion. Don't you have something more meaningful to do? Your hopelessness is best illustrated with that whining in your comment.

WTF is up with you MS zealots? You are like one of those pain-in-the-arse neighbours who's always complaining about other people just living their lives. And you know - that's why everyone hates them.

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