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Hardware, Embedded Systems "The Series 5 pocket computer from Psion was launched 10 years ago this week. It was a remarkable achievement: entirely new silicon, a new operating system, middleware stack and applications were developed from scratch in just over two years. This was the last time anyone undertook such a daunting task: it may be the last time anyone ever tries, either."
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RE: Still in use and unsurpassed
by frido on Tue 26th Jun 2007 20:11 UTC in reply to "Still in use and unsurpassed"
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Gosh, that takes me back, the first mobile device i owned (even before a mobile phone) was a psion 3mx, later a psion 5. It was so incredibly stable, responsive, long battery life. A far cry from the the UIQ3 device i have now, also worked much better then the pc's i had during that time.

randymon: have you considered that new palm foleo device, or is it too big ?

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