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OS/2 and eComStation Recently, Serenity Systems released the second first release candidate of eComStation 2.0, the successor to IBM's os/2. Mensys, the online distributor of eComStation and other os/2-related products, was so kind as to provide OSNews with a review copy of this release candidate, and since my experience with os/2 and eCS is not much more than a few failed attempts at installing Warp 4, I was eager to try it out. Read on for a short history of os/2 and eCS and a review of the release candidate.
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by rcsteiner on Fri 29th Jun 2007 15:14 UTC in reply to "..."
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From a hobbyist perspective, eCS represents something different that really isn't based on Windows or UNIX, and it has an ability to run legacy DOS and Windows software that some folks might find interesting.

As a long-time OS/2 user (since 1992), I'm part of eCS's target market, and there probably aren't many like me left, but for us it's a very nice way to install and run OS/2 (warts and all) on newer hardware. :-)

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by DoctorPepper on Fri 29th Jun 2007 16:54 in reply to "RE: ..."
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I ran OS/2 2.11 and Warp back in the 90's, and really loved it.

I'm seriously thinking about ponying up the money and buying a license when it gets released. Mostly for the hobby and nostalgia aspect though, because I'm mainly a Linux/BSD user.

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by frajo on Fri 29th Jun 2007 20:14 in reply to "RE[2]: ..."
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Depending on how much time you're going to spend with eCS, your preferences might be endangered.
I'm runnning 4 networked boxes (XP, fedora6, NetBSD, eCS) behind a KVM switch in my office, with eCS readily doing the job in some 75% of everyday duties.

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